Team of people at an insurance meeting

Who are the Independents?

Having now been established for 18 years, Independents have become experts in arranging commercial insurances across a range of sectors.  This includes our market-leading solution for the health and fitness industry along with our involvement in technology, manufacturing, wholesale, property and leisure.

In 2012 Independents achieved Chartered Insurance Broker Status by operating at the highest ethical and professional level. We believe passionately in providing a friendly and jargon-free service and in building successful long-term relationships with our clients.

Our staff are experienced and motivated and as a family business there is a great team spirit all round.

Meet our team

Frank Adebowale

Professional Background: 42 years in the Insurance Industry (16 years at Independents and 26 years previously with a major UK insurance company.

Joined: October 1999

Interests: Keeping fit, salsa, cycling and learning Italian

Favourite Film: The Sting, Shawshank Redemption and The Bucket List

Favourite Music: Marvin Gaye, John Legend, Alicia Keyes and Adele

Unsual Fact About Me: My Nigerian forefathers were tribal chieftans (hence me being a control freak)

Neil Adebowale

Professional Background: Worked in a variety of industries focussed on delivering customer service before starting a career in insurance in 2007. Achieved ACII in 2011 and became president of the Insurance Institute of Reading in 2013.

Joined: January 2008

Interests: Cooking, travelling, football and basketball

Favourite Film: Usual Suspects, Goodfellas, Life is Beautiful

Favourite Music: D’Angelo, John Legend, Ed Sheeran

Unsual Fact About Me: I had a brief career in film which included a stint as an Oompa Lompa stunt double.

Kris Ward

Professional Background: Spent 20 years working with National and Regional brokers in senior sales and marketing roles.

Joined: October 2014

Interests: Golf, cooking, music, cycling and spending time with my family

Favourite Film: Inglorious Bastards

Favourite Music: Blues

Unsual Fact About Me: I love playing guitar

Gareth Ford

Professional Background: 17 years insurance experience handling personal and commercial clients

Joined: June 2015

Interests: Playing golf, running, football and socialising with friends and family

Favourite Film: Million Dollar Baby

Favourite Music: Rock/pop and most catchy tunes you can't get out of your head

Unsual Fact About Me: I like to get down and dirty at weekends (in tough mudders!)

Deborah Wallace

Joined: October 2016

Interests: Festivals, concerts gigs

Favourite Music: Stone Roses, Oasis

Sue Wilde

Professional Background – 30 years’ experience in the Insurance industry, as a senior claims handler for a large insurance company and then for various brokers.

Joined: November 2015

Interests: Skiing, cycling, gardening (anything outdoors) cooking and holidays!

Favourite film: Aladdin

Favourite music: – Anything that makes me happy

Unusual Fact: I love to throw myself down mountains – either on a pair of skis or on a mountain bike

Tom Aston

Professional Background: Worked for a broker in my home town of Birmingham

Joined: April 2009

Interests: Technology, Cycling and Football

Favourite Films: The Big Lebowski

Favourite Music: Acoustic and Chill Hop

Unusual Fact About Me: Open Water Scuba Diver

Stuart Adamson

Professional Background: Worked in the leisure and sport industry prior to taking the leap into Commercial Insurance at a large insurance company.

Joined: May 2017

Interests: Playing Football and Golf and generally anything sport related

Favourite Film: Beverley Hills Cop and The Avengers movies

Favourite Music: Talksport and Ed Sheeran

Unsual Fact About Me: I played Basketball 1v1 against Michael Pena (Shooter and Ant Man) and John Bernthal (The Walking Dead and Fury), scoring 1 point losing 10-1 and 10–0, the 1 point was a free point as they felt sorry for me!

Ciara Evans

Ciara joined our team in October 2018.

Tracy Byrne

Tracy joined our team in May 2018

Helen Sandell

Professional Background: Working with homeless people and challenging behaviour specialist; various customer services roles.

Joined: November 2014

Interests: Socialising, laughing and swimming

Favourite Film: American History, anything Disney

Favourite Music: Pretty much everything.

Unsual Fact About Me: I was made in the Far East

Beverley Boekbinder

Professional Background: Varied career working in banking and finance, before moving to Independents.

Joined: 2001

Interests: Swimming, keeping fit and gardening

Favourite Film: Beaches

Favourite Music: Robbie Williams

Unsual Fact About Me: Not many people know this but my toes are double jointed

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