Beware of cheap Insurance for trampoline parks!


We are aware that some trampoline parks in the UK have insurance arrangements that

could leave them dangerously uninsured. In an attempt to obtain reduced premiums, we

understand that policies show the business described as a health club or a leisure

operator and it is very likely that the Insurer is unaware that they are insuring a

trampoline park.


Given the potential for Public Liability claims following accidents, having reliable

insurance is essential protection for operators. The cover needs to have a very high limit

(we recommend a minimum of £15,000,000) and should not have a large excess which

makes you responsible for the considerable costs of handling claims against you.

There are also other important things to look out for. If the insurer is not UK based or is

“unrated” then there is a real danger that operators will be left without any compensation

should the insurer stop trading. Make sure therefore if the insurer is unknown to you, that

you check their credit rating.


Finally, operators need to look carefully at the policy conditions as some may be

impractical to comply with. An example of this is a condition requiring all court monitors

to be experienced and/or qualified.


Independents are able to offer a review service and if you have any doubts or concerns

about your insurance arrangements please contact Neil or Kris for help and advice.

Please take a look at our Trampoline Parks page for further information