Trampoline Park Operators Gather at National Education and Networking Event

Trampoline Park Operators Gather at National Education and Networking Event

Last month, more than 80 representatives from the trampoline park industry attended the ‘Essential Day For Trampoline Park Operators’ to gain a comprehensive insight and understanding of some of the most pertinent challenges facing the industry. The event, delivered by Independents in partnership with the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) and sponsored by Allianz Insurance, hosted a full programme of seminars covering topics such as safety, compliance, sustainability and the availability of insurance. Speaking about the event, Neil Adebowale, Director at Independents, says: “Events like this are a valuable means of keeping operators up to date with issues which not only affect their day to day operation but also the industry as a whole. In addition to the educational seminars, we made sure there were plenty of opportunities for open networking, encouraging operators to talk about the challenges they face and share examples of best practice. The trampoline park

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UK Broker Awards

Hot on the heels of winning Specialist Insurance Broker of the Year at the annual Commercial Insurance Awards, Independents has made the finalist shortlist at the prestigious UK Broker Awards, in the Scheme Broker of The Year Category. Judges arrived at their shortlist based on the entrants’ commitment to meeting specific customer needs and delivering a high quality of service. A proven track record of success in terms of innovative and profitable expansion were also high on the list of requirements. The winners will be announced at a prestigious, black tie awards dinner, in London, on September 15. Watch this space!

Personal Trainers expanding their business – Important Insurance Considerations

There are many low cost insurance options out there for fitness instructors and personal trainers such as those offered by the professional bodies and trade associations or directly by some online insurers. For an individual working as a freelance personal trainer within 3rd party premises these may well be the best option, however there can be many limitations to such insurance policies and as your business expands or changes you need to be aware of the implications to avoid an uninsured claim. These are some of the key areas to consider: Taking on a premises – If you are operating a personal training studio or a gym, the risk for you and the insurer is very different to that of a personal trainer. Most claims in gyms arise from slips, trips and falls or faulty equipment. If you operate such a facility you need a policy which describes your business

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Independents Gain Major Award!

At the recent Commercial Insurance Awards, Independents were crowned as specialist broker of the year for 2017.  This is a tremendous accolade which recognises the expertise, dedication and exceptional service provided by the Independents Team.      

Parkour / Freerunning

As the National Governing Body (NGB) for Parkour/Freerunning in the UK, Parkour UK would like to offer some insight which may provide some clarification on Parkour/Freerunning so our sport/activity is appropriately understood and recognised. It is important that we first clarify what Parkour/Freerunning is and ensure it is separated and disassociated with any other sports/activities, as these are completely separate things. Therefore we like to provide some some clarification on Parkour/Freerunning: Parkour/Freerunning as a sport While Parkour is a sport, it is not restricted to being just a sport; it is also a discipline, an art, a philosophy. The Council of Europe’s definition of sport is: “Sport” means all forms of physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim at expressing or improving physical fitness and mental well-being, forming social relationships or obtaining results in competition at all levels. As Parkour UK is primarily a sport’s NGB, we refer

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Secure keyboard

Cash Security

Protection of cash has arisen as a major concern for operators and we have now had some claims where thieves have specifically targeted cash on the premises. We have therefore put together the following points for consideration: 1. Calculate you maximum holdings – Monitor how much cash you are taking and work out when your peak cash holdings are and design appropriate security around this. 2. Set Appropriate Limits of Cover – Under your insurance policy there are limits for Money on the Premises, In a Safe, In Transit and at Home. Make sure all the limits are appropriate for your requirements. 3. Purchase an appropriate safe – All good safes will have an insurer cash rating, which should be no less than the maximum amount you hold at any one time. i.e. if you tend to hold £9,500 as a maximum you need a £10,000 cash rated safe. If

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Increase to Insurance Premium Tax

As of 1st October 2016, Insurance Premium Tax will increase from 9.5% to 10%. Any Insurances arranged prior to the 1st October 2016 will be subject to the existing rate of 9.5% until the policy falls due for renewal. If you would like any further information regarding this change in legislation or the Insurance Act 2015, please feel free to contact us.  

Airbags in Trampoline Parks

Airbags are becoming more prevalent pieces of equipment within trampoline parks. At Independents we consult with all the main manufacturers and our client base of trampoline park operators to ensure that best practice is adopted within the industry. We see the importance of using an experienced manufacturer not only from a safety perspective but the ongoing support for maintenance and testing. Tomas Huting of BigAirBag® has made come commentary below however we recommend that you speak to your own manufacturer in the first instance. “At BigAirBag® we recognise that FOAM PIT AirBags become more and more popular in trampolines parks across the world. They offer great advantages over traditional foam pits in terms of hygiene, throughput and safety, yet they also invite us to learn new tricks and thereby meet new boundaries. Dealing with all sorts of different cultures, regulations and skill levels of end users, we feel a great

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CCTV and Back Up

CCTV & Backup CCTV is essential in defence of claims.  Simply having CCTV installed is not enough and operators need to be aware of several key considerations including: Coverage – is the whole park covered with no blind spots Quality of CCTV – Both the frame rate and resolution need to be of a sufficient level to clearly identify participants and staff Backup – Have you got a sufficient period of back up taking into account claims may not be made for up to 3 years after the incident (or 3 years after the minor’s 18th birthday). Is the safety briefing captured and recorded? Is footage of inspections / maintenance of equipment recorded? Obligations under Data Protection legislation including the need to acknowledge Subject Access Requests – please see for more information. The importance of CCTV footage has been highlighted in recent claims that have been reported to us.

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The Insurance Act 2015 (and YOU)

  This important Act affects every business insurance arranged, renewed or amended after 12 August 2016. The Insurance Act modernises insurance law and aims to make claiming from Insurers simpler and fairer. These benefits are however dependent on you providing the Insurer with a ‘fair presentation of risk’. For a presentation to be regarded as fair there needs to be two elements, which are: ‘Reasonable Search’ You need to make adequate enquiries within your business to identify and verify information relevant to the risk concerned These must include all relevant knowledge of the ‘senior management’ of the business Reasonable enquiries must be made of any third party including consultants, contractors and anyone insured by the policy ‘Clear and Accessible’ You are required to present information clearly to enable the Insurer to assess the risk. ‘Data dumping’ of large amounts of information, without signposting, is unacceptable There is an additional requirement

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