The Insurance Act 2015 (and YOU)

The Insurance Act 2015 (and YOU)

  This important Act affects every business insurance arranged, renewed or amended after 12 August 2016. The Insurance Act modernises insurance law and aims to make claiming from Insurers simpler and fairer. These benefits are however dependent on you providing the Insurer with a ‘fair presentation of risk’. For a presentation to be regarded as fair there needs to be two elements, which are: ‘Reasonable Search’ You need to make adequate enquiries within your business to identify and verify information relevant to the risk concerned These must include all relevant knowledge of the ‘senior management’ of the business Reasonable enquiries must be made of any third party including consultants, contractors and anyone insured by the policy ‘Clear and Accessible’ You are required to present information clearly to enable the Insurer to assess the risk. ‘Data dumping’ of large amounts of information, without signposting, is unacceptable There is an additional requirement

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Anytime Fitness Supplier of the Year award

We are proud to announce that Independent have won the 2016 Anytime Fitness Supplier of the Year award. This award is especially notable because it is voted on by all of the Anytime Fitness Franchisees on the basis of the supplier that they would most recommend. “It is satisfying to know that our efforts to provide great service are appreciated by our clients”

Court Monitors – Pointers to getting it right.

Regardless of the blood, sweat and tears expended in making a trampoline park safe and user-friendly, unless the court monitors are doing their jobs well the chances are that serious problems may arise. We see the role of the court monitor as being vital and therefore the attention given towards their recruitment, training and supervision must be of paramount importance. We have been speaking to operators and risk management experts in the UK and the US and compiled the pick of the ideas so you may be interested in the following: Recruitment Look to recruit staff with a sporting background or a drama or entertainment background Attitude is more important than experience Employ those with the confidence and responsible attitude to enforce the rules – bearing in mind they may need to discipline their peers or those older than them. Cast the net wide and only accept the best Training

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Beware of cheap Insurance for trampoline parks!


We are aware that some trampoline parks in the UK have insurance arrangements that

could leave them dangerously uninsured. In an attempt to obtain reduced premiums, we

understand that policies show the business described as a health club or a leisure

operator and it is very likely that the Insurer is unaware that they are insuring a

trampoline park.


Given the potential for Public Liability claims following accidents, having reliable

insurance is essential protection for operators. The cover needs to have a very high limit

(we recommend a minimum of £15,000,000) and should not have a large excess which

makes you responsible for the considerable costs of handling claims against you.

There are also other important things to look out for. If the insurer is not UK based or is

“unrated” then there is a real danger that operators will be left without any compensation

should the insurer stop trading. Make sure therefore if the insurer is unknown to you, that

you check their credit rating.


Finally, operators need to look carefully at the policy conditions as some may be

impractical to comply with. An example of this is a condition requiring all court monitors

to be experienced and/or qualified.


Independents are able to offer a review service and if you have any doubts or concerns

about your insurance arrangements please contact Neil or Kris for help and advice.

Please take a look at our Trampoline Parks page for further information



Independents launch their new website in July 2015

  We recently commissioned Piers at to re-design and develop our new website, which launched in July 2015.  We would love to receive your thoughts and feedback on our new site.